Next Move

Charlotte, NC

Thanks to Daniel Weiss for the cover photo from Unsplash.

Just a quick life update. In the month of December, I am moving to Charlotte, NC. I have finished all in-person courses for my Bachelor's degree and will be pursing full-time employment in Charlotte.

Because of the reasonable housing costs, the bustling city life, and the ample opportunities for personal growth, I decided that Charlotte would be a great next step. However, in order to make the move, I need to sell a lot of prints!

I have a goal of selling 40 prints to help offset the costs of relocating to Charlotte. Any purchases made between now and December 1st, will actually benefit more than just me. I will match all print sales during the next month and donate that money to the Urban Ministry Center, a homeless ministry, in Charlotte. Therefore, not only are you helping me settle in Charlotte, but you are helping out my new neighbors.

I want to thank you in advance for purchasing prints and helping the Urban Ministry Center. Go ahead and go to the prints page and check them out! Thanks again!