Daily Dose of Inspiration

Every day, our lives are filled with clutter. A 2009 New York Times article estimated that we consume 34 gigabytes of data every day. That is a lot of information through text, images, sound, and other forms of communication. I am certain that since that study and article was published that estimate has grown drastically over the past 7 years. This information overload is overwhelming our brains and minds. Our concept of time speeds up, our mind finds less and less time to rest, and finds less and less space to put all that we are consuming. 

So where are you finding your inspiration? Are you intentionally seeking inspiration in all the information you consume?

Our brains are filtering through hundreds of stories of despair, brokenness, human strife, and constant conflict. The purpose of this post is not to encourage you to live in a daydream world, but to brighten your reality with daily intentional doses of inspiration.

As a minimalist, I am constantly trying to improve my life by ridding myself of many, low quality items and only consuming a few, high quality items. So far in the past two years, I have been really good at achieving this with my physical goods. However, I have been less successful at doing the same with the digital world that surrounds us. 

During my lifetime, I have never gone without some sort of personal computer, home phone, and I have had a cell phone for majority of my life. I am dead smack in the middle of the digital age, and there is no escaping. The goal of minimalism is not to starve myself of information, but instead to replace majority of the media I consume with higher quality media.

This is one of the beautiful things about minimalism. "High Quality" can mean all sorts of things for whoever is following their minimalism journey. To me, high quality is mediation, minimalism inspirations, photography, scripture, reading, nature, and adventures. 

So I encourage you

  1. To take a step back, analyze the information you are actually consuming.
  2. Make a list of your high quality moments. 
  3. And intentionally seek those higher quality moments in your daily life.

This is where we find our daily dose of inspiration.