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I am a simple guy from East Tennessee. I am a twenty-something seeking to live life to the fullest and I want to inspire others to awaken their adventure.

I am currently an undergrad at East Tennessee State University earning a bachelors degree in international affairs and a minor in marketing. After I graduate in December of 2017, I am looking to pursue adventures full-time whether that is working behind a computer or leading trips around the world.

I like many things, but love a few. I am passionate about photography and telling stories. I love walking in the woods, floating down a river, brewing coffee, having deep conversations, reading inspiring people's work, and traveling to places I have never been.

My photography and creative work focuses on telling stories. My photography style is a mix between lifestyle, travel, landscape, and documentary. I don't want the fake non-sense that portrays one-side of my subjects or the heavily edited photos. I want to capture the story of my subjects and share it with others. For me, every photo is a chapter of a story.

My writing focuses on inspiring others to awaken their adventure. I only try to share what I know or what I learn. Therefore many of my blogs include themes like outdoors, minimalism, recent inspirations to me, and traveling. I started blogging in August of 2014, however most of those posts don't seem to capture what I have learned in recent years. In order to get better at writing and to overcome some creative insecurity, I revamped and have become more intentional about inspiring in the above themes.

Through what I learn and discover, I want to inspire my readers to become passionate about what they do and awaken the adventure that is in all of us.

Thanks for checking out what I have to share.





I am passionate about telling the stories of those around me. Through my photography, writing, and social collaborations I want to share your story. I love doing new things, so if your project doesn't fit what I list below, please still get in touch with me. We can discuss the best way to met your needs and goals.



With creative adventure, travel, and documentary styles your product or service photography are covered. Event photography is limited but also offered. Check out my work or blog for my most current work. Get in touch with me to find out rates and packages. Needing more than just photographs? You can combine any other services with photography for the best creative solutions.


Living a life full of adventures comes with some unique experiences and stories. From small to large events, from high school age to late-twenties, from school to work, my talks aim to encourage and inspire your audiences to be passionate about what they are doing and will do. My talks engage your audience from the get-go with themes like purposeful living, minimalism, outdoors, awakening adventure, and finding yourself. Get in touch with me to find out my availability and rates.


From creating inspiring blogs to giving in-depth reviews for gear, services, or other products. My writing is built around telling stories and awakening adventure in my audience. I can create powerful content that engages your customers and audience on a level that encourages engagement. Get in touch with me to let me know what you are looking for and I can start designing and sharing your message.


Need a creative service not listed? Want to combine multiple services? Don't fear I love working with anyone and designing creative solutions to fulfill your organizations goals and needs. Get in touch with me to begin a conversation that will empower your organization to engage your audience on a new level.


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